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Lincoln, Nebraska
Jeff Bliemeister, Chief of Police

I doubt that anyone wants to waste bandwidth watching the chief's lips move while the theme song from from Hill Street Blues plays. So I'm sparing you the video welcome and the .wav file, in favor of some content that you just might actually find useful. Over 100,000 hits monthly convince me that many people are doing just that, and we take pride in offering information that is more than just PR. We want this to be a site where you can get stuff done. Here are some examples:

Interested in a career in policing?
Check out information in our recruitment information, but also dig into our description of LPD's community-based policing philosophy. Get into our annual reports, and read about our organizational structure, the "year in review", and the highlights from each of our community police teams.

Looking for some ideas for a class project or research?
Check out our historic crime and arrest data. Download a .pdf of our most current annual report, and find detailed statistics about crime and workload information. Cut and paste data from one of our on-line data sources into a spreadsheet, and do some analysis of your own.

Concerned about crime in your neighborhood?
Cruise around the City interactively and make maps, charts and reports on your own. Sign up to receive automatic crime alerts. Learn more about crime prevention.

Car buff?
We've got a great history of LPD motor vehicles, back to 1930, with scores of marvelous photographs. My favorite patrol car was the 1972 Plymouth Fury (440 four barrel), but my favorite photo is the 1980 Chevrolet Malibu.

Had an accident?
No need to fight for parking, stand in line, or pay a fee. Accident reports are free and online.

Parent of a UNL student?
Check into what's going on in the area of your son or daughter's apartment. Make sure their City parking tickets are paid up, too!

Keep watch of the police incidents at and near your rental units. Call us up if you need more information by contacting the Team Captain. Check to see if your prospective tenant is one of 8,000 people with current arrest warrants.

Employer or Volunteer Coordinator?
You can check Lincoln Police Department criminal histories instantly for the same $10 fee we charge at headquarters or by mail, but without the trip, parking, and wait. Learn all there is to know about background checks, including a lot of free resources.

Pawn broker or second-hand dealer?
Keep a close eye on recently-reported stolen property. Use "find" on this page from your browser's menu and put in the first few letters of a brand name (try Rem, for example.)

Want to know more about LPD?
Take a virtual tour of headquarters, find out more about our history, check out our facebook posts, or twitter feed.

These are just a few of the many things you can do at our Internet home, but there's much more. Take some time and click into our nooks and crannies. We value citizen input, participation, and partnership, and we hope you feel free to make your visit a two-way street.