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1885 day police force

1885 First known photo of the Lincoln Police Department.
Notation on photo "Day Police Force of City of Lincoln on May 1885"

The police department had two shifts, the Day Force and the Night Force. Each shift was 12 hours long and officers worked 7 days a week. Names are written on the bottom of the photograph identifying the men from left to right as: J. Hollaway, J.K. Post, Chief of Police G.B. Beach, M. Smith, and Marian Flowler. Police Chief Beach is seated at the desk.

Officers in group photo

Lincoln Police Department standing in front of their office at the City Government Building.

Names listed on the photo are, left to right: Police Judge W.J. Houdton; Robert Bracken; John Keane; C.M. Green; "Swede" Peterson; A.L. Pound; J.S. Stewart; Captain A.M. Post; John Tubman; P.H. Cooper; Chief of Police; William George; W.T.B. Ireland; Captain; William Splain; Joe Mitchell; James McKinney; Matt Bracken; Eli Bates; and Louis Faulhaber. Matt Bracken in doorway who used to feed the prisoners at 10 cents a meal.

September 13, 1888

LPD handwritten log

Captain Ireland reports to work at 7:00 PM and is in command. Marshall Cooper arrives at 7:11 and assumes command but leaves with several officers at 7:55 PM to attend the City of Lincoln Parade. They return at 9:30 PM and the officers head for their respective beats.
Handwritten log
Courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society

Handwritten log
Courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society

1889 Lincoln Police handwritten log

Notation of new "policy" by order of the City Marshal W.W. Carder:
"Officers on districts No 1 and 2 may report at office. Officers on district No 3 will report by telephone-while on patrol. All officers report in person when they go on duty morning and noon. Also when they go off duty at night. All officers must report promptly on time or be subject to a fine.- No officer will be excused from duty unless permission be given by the officer in charge-or a certificate from a physician.

- W.W Carder-City Marshal."