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Photo taken June 6, 1939

On the front bumper of Engine No 1, two handguns were fastened to a board and pointed to the ground. At a given speed, the police officer riding in the seat would give the fire apparatus driver a command to stop, and at the same time he would fire one of the hand guns from his seat. The hand gun was loaded with a chalk charge and would leave a mark on the pavement. After the rig was completely stopped, the officer would fire one more charge. They would measure the distance between the chalk marks to determine the required stopping distance. This was done to partially fulfill requirement to promote a firefighter to driver. Wm. Van Landingham firefighter driver, Lt. Bennet in the passenger seat and Officer Harbaugh on the motorcycle.

Photo and information courtesy of the Lincoln Fire Department

Lincoln Police Officers standing outside a building in the 1930s.

Photo courtesy of Edholm Blomgrem collection

1930 Lincoln Police command staff
Left to Right; Harry Goeglein, Walter Rowden, Neil Olson, Frank Towle, Clinton Hurd.

Photo courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star

1933 Traffic Unit
Officer Charles Wilson and Leon Towle

Courtesy of Darlene Towle Pettit

1938 composite of LPD employees

Chief of Police Walter Anderson

1934 commission from the City of Lincoln for Henry Worster to be a special police officer

Signed by W. Condit, Chief of Police