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Students huddle around Detective Frank Robbins
while he presents different department weapons.

Paul Beave and Inspector Henninger using the polygraph machine.

A group of night beat officers leaving the station to hit the streets in 1958.
From left to right: Warren Chrastil, Harry Peterson, B. Dean Leitner, Sgt. Bobbie Myers, Alfred Kelly and Robert Edmunds.

1953 The new two-way radios often led to faster response times. Sgt. Dale Carpenter (pictured) was the chief dispatcher and was in charge of directing the patrol cars throughout Lincoln.

1954 Policeman Reuben L. Nichols, also known as Ruby or Nick, retired at the age of 71 after nearly 40 years of service. His primary reason for leaving he said was his health and said he "feels sick about leaving." Sadly, Nick passed away only four months after retirement.

1950's Detectives Robert Sawdon and
Robert Butcher broke up an attempted robbery
at the Safeway Store between 16th and 17th on
South St. The picture shows the two detectives
examining Butcher's shoe through which a bullet