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Stronger Safer Neighborhood

Lincoln, Nebraska

Neighborhood Associations


How to form an Assoc.Neighbors who want to share ideas and work cooperatively to improve their neighborhood can form neighborhood associations. For a neighborhood association to be included in the City's Neighborhood Association Contact List:

  • they need to define their boundaries,
  • their membership must be voluntary and open to all neighborhood residents whether they own property or not, and
  • they need to tell city staff about their association.

Keep your neighborhood association information up-to-date! Accurate contact information makes your neighborhood association accessible for:

  • potential residents and businesses,
  • other neighborhood associations, and
  • notices and information from City departments.
Please tell us about changes!

Mayor's Roundtable

Established in 1984, the Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable provides a forum for networking with neighborhoods, City government, and other concerned organizations, through:

  • Direct, formal and informal, discussions between the Mayor, City staff, and neighborhood leaders,
  • Exchange of ideas concerning city-wide issues and development processes, and
  • Shared information and support among the neighborhood associations themselves.

Meetings are held on the 2nd MONDAY of each month
at theCounty/City Building
555 South 10th Street, in the Mayor's Conference Room
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Past Agendas & Summaries


Community Connections


Community Connections - Highly recommended reference directory with all the services, community groups, and agencies available to the residents of Lincoln. The guide is provided by the United Way of Lincoln & Lancaster County and the Lincoln-Lancaster Human Services Foundation. Download or print a copy for yourself, this is better than the phonebook. ( )





Commonly Asked Questions and Answers regarding Stronger Safer Neighborhoods from knowledgable people in the Housing sector of Lincoln. Answers from REOMA, Realtors, Building & Safety, LPD, NeighborWorks, Neighborhood Associations, and Community Learning Centers.



Citing a “family-friendly vibe” and block after block of
beautiful historic houses, 'This Old House' magazine has
listed Lincoln’s Near South Neighborhood as one of the
best places to buy an older house in the Midwest.
The print magazine and its online version are part of the
This Old House TV family made famous by the weekly
restoration program shown across the nation on PBS.
The show, also seen on HGTV, highlights the trials and
joys of bringing America’s treasure trove of historic
houses back to life.


Crime Action


Crime Action Team - The Stronger Safer Neighborhoods plan calls for a series of neighborhood cleanups, graffiti paintovers, alley brush removal, and increasing and improving lighting in the area. Through these efforts, volunteers can help significantly reduce the likelihood of crime. Additionally, neighborhood watch groups and coordinators will be activated on each block. Block parties will be held.




Landlord Meeting - On May 18, 2008, over eighty rental property owners in the area between A to G Streets and 9th to 17th Streets attended a meeting to discuss their role in helping create Stronger Safer Neighborhoods.





Capital Ave Landlord Meeting -On Tuesday August 25th, 2009 over half the property owners in the area between G to J Streets and 18th Street to Capitol Avenue attended a meeting to discuss their role in helping create a Stronger Safer Neighborhood. The room was filled as Chief Tom
Casady explained the no cost and low cost resources
that the Lincoln Police Department has available for
property owners and managers on the LPD website.




An excellent resource for tracking crime in your neighborhood. At, you can sign up to receive email alerts when something happens close to your address. You can set different distances & crime types based on what you want.



Nebraska RentWise is a program to help renters obtain and keep rental housing and to be successful renters through education.