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Lincoln Saline Wetlands Nature Center

Nature CenterLocated just east of Lincoln's Capitol Beach Lake, features a walking trail, which unlocks the treasures of this dense and rare saline wetland to the public. There is also a wildlife viewing blind overlooking two of several wetland ponds frequented by a wide variety of waterfowl. Parking area provided. Owned by the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, the wetland was restored in the early 1990's.

In June 2005, a dedication was held to officially open Old Wyoming Bridge which spans an area in the northwest corner of the wetland. Once common in the mid-1800s, historians have tagged Old Wyoming Bridge, with its bowstring arches, as one of the last of its kind in Nebraska. In November 2003, Wyoming Bridge was removed from its original piers on Goose Hill Road, spanning Squaw Creek in Otoe County and stored nearby until it was moved to Lincoln and restored.

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