Salvage Ordinance Frequently Asked Questions

Salvage Collector Permit Application

What is the process for the transaction record form approval for the salvage collectors?

The form will be viewed by someone from LPD who is familiar with the salvage process.

Can first time applicants obtain a collector's permit through the mail?

No. First time applicants must bring their completed application to the Lincoln Police Department, 575 South 10th Street, so they may be photographed & fingerprinted. Preferably between 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Can salvage collector renewal forms be mailed to Lincoln Police?

Yes. They can be mailed to the attention of the Crime Analysis Unit, Lincoln Police Department, 575 South 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508.

What if I lose my permit? Is there a charge for a duplicate?

You may obtain a duplicate from the Lincoln Police Department. There is no charge for a duplicate permit.

Should the address on the application form be the home address or the business address?

Both addresses should be listed on the application form.

If an individual is denied a permit, can the salvage company still buy high value salvage material from the individual?

Yes, if the individual has identification. However, after February 1, 2007, the salvage operator must keep the material for 72 hours.

How do the salvage companies handle companies such as Waste Away Sewer & Drain or ABC Manufacturing, when they send employees with their high value salvage material?

If the salvage operator has a signed contract with a particular company to do business with them, the following information must be obtained on a transaction report(s):
  • The date and hour of the day when each article was received;
  • The name and signature of the individual who handled the transaction on behalf of the salvage operation;
  • The amount paid to the customer(s), if any;
  • The complete description of weight and grade of each material received;
  • The Salvage Collector's Permit number;
  • The signature and index fingerprint of the seller;
  • If there is a signed contract with a company, the signature of the seller is not required on the transaction report because we will rely on the signature of the signed contract for the purposes of the signature. Therefore, the salvage operator must ensure that they have a signed contract on their premises;
  • The salvage collector's permit number can be placed on the signed contract; therefore, it is not necessary to place it on every transaction report, as long as it is on the signed contract. If it is NOT on the signed contract then the salvage collector's permit number must be documented on the transaction report;
  • A fingerprint shall NOT be required for high value material transactions with:
    (1) Any person/company with a salvage operation, recycling processing center operation, recycling center operation, or composting operation.
    (2) Any officer, employee or contractor acting in behalf of a manufacturing, industrial, or commercial facility or corporation that utilizes high value salvage material in their regular course of their primary business and has an established place of business as defined by Lincoln City Ordinance.

What if Ever Clear Plumbing Company purchases a salvage collector's permit for one of their employees in order to have that employee sell the company's scrap metal to the salvage operator? Should the check be payable to the permit holder or could the check be made out to Ever Clear Plumbing Company?

The check for the scrap metal is not required to be made out to the permit holder who is selling the scrap metal.

What if a customer doesn't have a permit or identification?

The customer must have either a permit or some type operator's license or identification card issued by any state or by the United States.