Long-Term Care

Personal and Family Services (PFS) Mission

To help older adults avoid or resolve questions, concerns and difficulties which occur after age 60. Help older adults to remain independent in their homes is a continuing central purpose of the total program. Staff at Aging Partners Personal and Family Services call on all the human service resources in the eight-county area of Butler, Fillmore, Lancaster, Polk, Saline, Saunders, Seward and York.

Care Management Services

Care Management Services provide professional assistance in assessing needs, planning and coordinating home care for individuals age 60 and over. It helps vulnerable elderly people remain in their homes. Care planning services begin with a comprehensive assessment of the client's needs, abilities, circumstances and support. From the assessment, a detailed plan for home care is developed. With the client's permission and participation, an Aging Partners counselor arranges and coordinates the delivery of various in-home services. The client's needs and care plan are reviewed regularly. Adjustments are made, as necessary, to maintain his or her safety and quality of life at home on a long-term basis.

Senior Care Options (SCO)

Senior Care Options (SCO) evaluates the long-term care needs of people age 65 and over who are seeking Medicaid coverage for nursing home placement. When appropriate, provides counseling regarding home care options.

Home and Community Based Waiver Services

Home and Community Based Waiver Services are state funded services for Medicaid eligible individuals, age 65 and over who choose to receive home or community-based services rather than enter a skilled nursing facility.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is a service that advocates for the rights and well being of nursing home and assisted living residents. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program was established under federal mandate through the Older American's Act. Aging Partners has a local program that serves all eight counties in their area.

More information on Nebraska's Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

What services are available through the Local Ombudsman Program?
  • Education to inform residents, families, facility staff and others on a variety of issues related to aging, long-term care and residents' rights.
  • Information and Referral to empower individuals to resolve concerns and complaints on their own behalf.
  • Consultation to make recommendations for protecting the rights of residents and improving their care and quality of life.
  • Individual Advocacy to facilitate the resolution of concerns and complaints and to protect the rights of residents.
  • Systems Advocacy to identify significant concerns and problematic trends and to advocate for systemic changes that will benefit current and future residents of long-term care facilities.
Who can contact the Local Ombudsman Program?

Anyone can contact the Local Ombudsman Program to discuss or seek assistance in resolving a problem, concern, or issue impacting one or more residents of a long-term care facility or assisted living community. This includes residents, friends, family members, facility staff and others. Please keep in mind that as the resident advocate, ombudsmen always seek to resolve concerns to the satisfaction of the resident. Call 402-441-7070 or toll-free at 800-247-0938.

Care At Home

Lifeline® Emergency Response - Lincoln's program provides 24-hour access to assistance in the event of a medical emergency. Just press a button that activates a unit attached to the phone.

Resident Services - This program provides service coordination and supportive services to maintain the independence of residents of Burke Plaza, Mahoney Manor and Crossroads House.

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Assisted Living Facilities

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Nursing Facilities

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Transition from a Nursing Facility to Home

  • Do you or someone you know live in a nursing facility?
  • Do you want to live life on your own terms?
  • Do you want to know what services are available to you in your community?

Aging Partners can provide information and are trained to help you with decisions about the care and support you may need. Aging Partners supports individuals in their goal to return to their own home from a nursing facility. We will work closely with the nursing facility to assess your needs and set-up services specifically designed to meet those needs. For more information call 402-441-7070 or 800-247-0938.