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Every year, Parks and Recreation is involved in the planning, design and construction of many different types of projects in our parks and facilities.  We’ve partnered with other federal, state and local agencies as well as private neighborhood and community groups on projects such as

  • Park master plans
  • Park and median landscaping
  • Park and recreation facility construction and renovation
  • Storm water quality improvements

2017 Projects

  • Irvingdale, Rudge and Stransky Parks Masterplan and Stream Rehabilitation Project
  • This project is located in the South Salt Creek watershed (SSC-2) and is located in the 17th Street and Van Dorn Street area in Irvingdale Park, Stransky Park and Rudge Park. The project will consist of stabilizing the stream channel that runs through these parks where the erosion of the channel is threatening park infrastructure. This project could include adding grade controls and bank stabilization measures.

    The proposed channel improvements will be integral to the proposed park improvements. The Stream Rehabilitation Project consists of stabilizing the stream channel that runs through these parks where the erosion of the channel is threatening park infrastructure. These improvements are integral to the proposed park inprovements. The project could include adding grade controls and bank measures. Stream rehabilitation measures are expected to begin in the fall of 2017.

    Click to download the masterplan renderings.

    If you have additional information about the Parks Masterplan, please contact JJ Yost, Parks and Recreation, at 402-441-8255 or, or the Stream Rehabilitation Project, contact Tim Zach, Watershed Management, at 402-441-7018 or

    For more information about Stormwater Drainage and Water Quality Improvement Projects, visit (keyword: watershed).

Recent Projects

Major Projects Supported by Generous Donors

  • Centennial Mall Renovation
  • With the exception of final landscaping additions and installation of a sculpture of Chief Standing Bear, both of which are scheduled for completion in time for celebration of Nebraska’s 150th birthday, the long-awaited renovation of Centennial Mall was finished in 2016. Renovation efforts included improvements to address safety and accessibility issues, numerous aesthetic treatments and three new fountains.
  • Wood Park Tennis Center Renovation
  • The current air structure or “bubbles” at the Woods Park Tennis Center cover six indoor courts. With the support of a fund raising effort lead by the Lincoln Parks Foundation in cooperation with The Friends of Woods Tennis, construction of a new permanent indoor facility to replace the bubbles was initiated in 2016 and will open for use in the spring of 2017.

Park Areas

  • Lakeview Park, West “O” & Capitol Beach
  • Renovation efforts to replace all park amenities including new ADA accessible playground equipment, playground surfacing, a picnic shelter, drinking fountain, half-court basketball court and landscaping. The project will be completed in the spring of 2017. With the support of a Federal Land & Water Conservation Grant and the Lincoln Kiwanis Clubs, additional funds helped make this complete renovation effort possible.
  • Havelock Park, 60th Street & Havelock
  • In keeping with the historic nature of the park, a new band shell style structure consisting of steel columns and a metal roof was erected in 2016 and will be completed in 2017 with the addition of steam train silhouette in the framework supporting the roof.
  • Neighbors Park, Captiol Parkway & “B” Street
  • The old playground was removed and replaced with all new play equipment that includes a rubber matting tile surface for fall protection and improved accessibility for all.
  • Tierra Park Skatepark, South 27th Street & Hwy 2
  • Between harsh weather and intense use, the modular skatepark equipment at Tierra Park was in need of significant repairs. Working with a national recognized skatepark designer, the equipment was replaced in a cost-effective manner with cast-in-place concrete elements that provide an urban-scape experience that appeals to a variety of users and should require less continuous maintenance than the old equipment.
  • Valentino’s Idlywild Park, Idylwild Blvd & Holdredge
  • Park improvements completed in 2016 to address the park’s limited play value and neighborhood appeal included a new trolley-themed play structure with historical/interpretive signage, new sidewalks, area lighting, benches for seating and landscaping. In cooperation with SAM Properties, Inc., an endowment has been established to fund major repairs, replacements and future renovations at Valentino’s Idylwild Park.


  • Jamaica Trail Rehabilitation
  • Extreme flooding of Salt Creek in 2015 caused significant damage to a majority of the Jamaica Trail. After working through the processes to receive federal funding support for disaster repairs, restoration of the Jamaica Trail was initiated in 2016 and sections of the trail reopened for public use as these restoration efforts were completed.
  • Pioneers Park Trail Extension
  • The hard surfaced trail through the eastern portion of Pioneers Park has been replaced in multiple phases over the last several years. In 2016 the trail was extended from the center of the park to the western end of the park. This extension included a new pedestrian bridge across the Haines Branch.

Recreation Areas

  • Star City Shores - Water Slide Replacements
  • The two water slides and water play structure at Star City Shores were original to the facility’s opening in 1996. While repairs and resurfacing efforts had been conducted over the years, it was time for removal and replacement of the slides and play structure for the continued safe, desirable use by pool patrons. At the conclusion of the 2015 pool season, the old slides/equipment was removed and prior to the start of the 2016 pool season, the new water play structure and slides were installed. The two new slides differ in their design so patrons can experience a ride with lots of twists and turns or a fast-paced quick descent.
  • Irving Recreation Center: HVAC Replacement and Facility Repairs
  • In cooperation with LPS, the old HVAC system serving the Irving Recreation Center and School was replaced with a new ground-coupled heat pump system to improve air quality and provide more efficient temperature controls throughout the facilities. While doing so, major facilities repairs were completed that included both the exterior of the building (roofing, windows, and tuck pointing) and interior (ceiling tiles, carpeting, painting, etc.)