Parks and Recreation Advisory Board



To provide advice and recommendations to the Mayor, the City Council and Parks and Recreation Department on long-range program development.

The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, City Council and the Parks & Recreation Director. It assists in long-range program development and makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council through the Parks & Recreation Director.

Number of Members: 16
Members Required for a Quorum: 7
Length of Term: 3 years
Term Limit: None
Frequency of Meeting: Every other month, (odd months)
Meeting Time: 4:00 p.m.
Meeting Date: Second Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, November
Meeting Location: Lincoln Parks and Recreation Office, 3131 "O" Street, Suite 300
Special Requirements: Ten members must be Lincoln residents; two need not be Lincoln residents; two members must currently attend high school or college in Lincoln and have completed their freshman year in high school, one member of the City of Lincoln school district,  one County Board member, and one City Council member.


  • Jessica Boren
  • Brad Brandt
  • Jim Crook
  • Katie Graf
  • Isabelle Huertas (student representative)
  • Charity Iromuanya
  • Tut Kailech
  • Sherrie Nelson
  • Jonathan Petersen, Chairperson
  • Tammy Poe
  • Jennifer Seacrest, Vice Chairperson
  • JJ Toczek (Lincoln Public Schools)
  • Matte Schulte (County Commissioner representative)
  • Sändra Washington
  • VACANT (student representative)

Minutes and Agendas: